100% British Woollen, Worsted and Tweed Cloth for the Discerning Taste
Ackroyd & Dawson Collection

Collection & Bespoke

Ackroyd and Dawson Limited presents our 2017 /18 Ready to Wear original collection.

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Ackroyd and Dawson is committed to a simple truth: In order to produce superior woollen and worsted cloth and knitwear, we must start with a superior raw ingredient. We know without a doubt that this raw ingredient is fleece from our British breeds of sheep and alpaca.

For centuries, cloth and other products made from this fleece have been known the world over for quality and durability. Ackroyd and Dawson can guarantee that all our fine cloth is made from 100% British wool and alpaca fleece. We offer to you a splendid and specialty range of choices, both singular wools and wools blended with British alpaca.

Wool and alpaca, being natural fibres, are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable while at the same time are a breathing fabric that keeps you warm when the temperature is cold and cool when it is warm. In addition, wool is naturally flame retardant without the need for additional chemicals; in fact it takes 23% oxygen saturation in the air for wool to burn!

We are proud that all our production is within the Yorkshire borders, as it was when the company's founder Patricia Ackroyd's families (see the Heritage page) had mills in the county. From the scouring and combing, to the spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing our fine cloth is handled by none but the very best and carefully overseen and directed by Ms Ackroyd at all stages. We produce only traditional British cloth in traditional weights for our country's requirements and climate. We work with British farmers, wools, skilled scourers, combers, dyers, spinners, weavers and finishers in order to showcase traditional British fabrics that we maintain are the best available on the market today.

Ackroyd & Dawson Collection

We invite you to join the Great British Wool Revival and become part of that rich and proud tradition by owning Ackroyd and Dawson cloth. Remember that carrying the Ackroyd and Dawson label guarantees that it is woven from genuine 100% British wool and alpaca fleece and processed and woven only in the British Isles.

Ackroyd and Dawson offers a specialist service: Uniquely Bespoke!

Our bespoke service allows designers and tailors to create their own designs in woollen and worsted textures that Ackroyd and Dawson can turn into luxurious fine cloth for their collections. We can provide exclusive runs for private and small commercial clients that are under their own label. We are able to work with each client in his or her colour selections and work directly with colourists to ensure satisfaction.

Ackroyd and Dawson supplies a range of wools that can be blended with British alpaca. Those available range from fine wools such as Shetland and luster wools such as Blue Faced Leicester to outerwear wools such as Herwick and Black Welsh Mountain.

Ackroyd and Dawson is also able to provide referral to a bespoke tailoring service if required. For further information contact us directly.

* Please note that as this is bespoke, time elements must be taken into account.

Our designers have developed a collection of transitional ladies jackets and walking coats made from our finest range British Wool and Alpaca fabric.

Our garments are versatile and transitional. They can be worn with matching or contrasting skirt for professional wear or special occasion and then used with trousers or jeans for everyday use. We have not photographed our Jackets, walking coats and reversible Bolero using models.

We have no age, size, ethnic group, height or figure type in mind in our styles. You can imagine yourself in the garments. Ackroyd and Dawson takes pride in our garments being made of natural fabrics so they will keep you warm when it is cold and cool and the weather is warmer.

The fabric breathes and will need dry cleaning less often. The fabric is environmentally friendly and eco-friendly through every step of production.

We make only a few of each style at a time, in size Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. We are able to adjust sleeve length and offer two ranges, 100% cotton liberty style lined and 100% silk lined.

We are ready to create a made measure garment for your pleasure.

Please contact us for further details.