100% British Woollen, Worsted and Tweed Cloth for the Discerning Taste
British wool and worsted cloth - Ackroyd and Dawson

We, at Ackroyd & Dawson, have the distinct pleasure of welcoming you to the revival of a great tradition, to a revitalization of the legacy of the world's finest woollen and worsted cloth — 100% British. We take great pride in the fact that all of our fine fibre products, from Clip to Cloth, are made entirely in the British Isles.

Ackroyd and Dawson designers present the 2017/18 collection of ready to wear Original Ladies Jackets and Walking Coats from the Finest British Wool and Alpaca.

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A 19th Century Legacy - 21st Century Quality & Style

The Ackroyd and Dawson families have been part of the wool industry since the beginning of the 19th century. Ackroyd and Dawson are names that are synonymous with the wool industry from the time when Britain was the wool capital of the world.

The time is at hand for a revival of our industry!

Our company designs and produces superb quality tweed, woollen and worsted cloth from the sixty plus breeds of sheep and two breeds of British alpaca found right here in the UK. All of our cloth is made exclusively with 100% natural materials, labour, and talent, and manufactured in mills located in the British Isles. Ackroyd and Dawson's finished cloth is available to tailors, bespoke houses, and schools of fashion and design. We also act as agents for luxurious locally woven traditional cloth.

Ackroyd and Dawson cloth is created for both men and women in timeless classic designs. Our colour palette and patterns meet a wide range of interest while introducing a new look and feel that is uplifting and pleasing to the eye. We take pride in using patterns and dyes that incorporate a number of beautiful tones that are subtle and unobtrusive, but produce a rich and exciting array of patterns that blend with the natural environment. The cloth reflects the historically superior textures of those produced in the mills of Yorkshire and the British Isles, but with modern appeal.

As you look at the photos on this page that track the Clip to Cloth progression of our fibre - from sheep being sheared of it's luxurious fleece to a final incarnation as an elegant gentleman's jacket - be aware that the man shearing the sheep is the same one wearing the Savile Row garment that came from the wool of his very own flock of sheep! You can see from the picture with the colour fan that there is no limit to the array of colours our fine wool and alpaca fibre can become, not to mention the myriad weave patterns possible.

Our traditional British wools produce a suiting cloth that is internationally competitive; they are durable and drape extremely well. When British wool is blended with British alpaca the cloth offers a lighter feel, is soft to the touch, and has a luxurious texture. A fine cloth from the British Isles stands for durability, luxury, and can be worn unfailingly for all occasions.

British Wool - Clip to Cloth

As demand for British superior wool, worsted and tweed increases we must all be there to meet the challenge! To increase quality output production we support and encourage apprenticeships within the various sectors of the industry.

Ackroyd and Dawson offers you a specialty product in addition to a bespoke service that promotes an exclusivity and desirability in the marketplace.